Toronto Police Officer Guards Shooting Scene. May 2016 [1024 x 576]

Her face reminds me personally associated with actress who played Holly into the Office. I happened to be just thinking the thing that is same and oddly sufficient she played a cop "Beadie Russell" in the HBO show 'The Wire' ...

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  • Her face reminds me of the actress who played Holly in The Office.
  • I was just thinking the same thing, and oddly enough she played a cop "Beadie Russell" in the HBO show 'The Wire'
  • Torontonian here. You basically only see this when TPS are responding to shootings where the active shooter's status is unknown. Seeing this is, at least to my knowledge, really rare.
  • Basically every single police department in the US has AR15's these days. How is that unusual? In Europe however, more or less only SWAT-capacity units has these kinds of weapons. I feel like you have this a bit backwards.
  • Toronto police just switched actually. That is a colt c8 there. They had shotguns before. As much as I hate militarizing municipal cops, those shotguns were quite silly. From what I know, the c8 has a great reputation. Close quarters and long distance.
  • Many European agencies do rifle & SMG patrols, especially around mass transit & other high profile infrastructure.
  • I will admit my travelling within Europe hasn't been super plentiful the past years, which means that my insight into it may be outdated.
  • It's been like that, at least in London, since the 2005 bombings. The rest of the continent is the same in the wake of the recent string of Islamic terrorist attacks.
  • I was in Germany a couple of years ago and saw nothing of the sort, but of course it also varies with times, locations etc.
  • Not as much a few years ago, but within the last year it's pretty common.
  • It is EXTREMELY rare to see police in the United States carrying long guns outside of active shooter or hostage situations.... only example I can think of would be providing security at an event like the Superbowl. When I was in Rome a couple years ago, it seemed like there was an officer with a rifle or submachine gun on every street corner. Maybe it's just an Italian thing?
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