The game is on, French carrier Charles de Gaulle and his battle group departing today for eastern Mediterranean sea [994 x 640]

While the USS Harry S Truman is coming to http.usatoday that is:// It is like a party! With jets and missiles! ...

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  • And the USS Harry S Truman is coming to
  • It's like a party! With jets and missiles! The best kind.
  • Just think about what's going to be roaming around under the surface. At least one US attack sub and probably an Ohio SSGN, a French attack, probably a British, an Italian, Greek and Turkish sub and at least one Russian attack sub. Oh and an Egyptian and Israeli sub or two as well
  • All this talk about subs is making me both hungry and horny.
  • /r/retiredgif , right there. Bravo.
  • You didn't post it ;_;
  • My work got in the way. But feel free yourself!
  • ever eat an ostrich burger?
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  • I had never quite thought of this; If a shooting war starts And a submarine is on the hunt in a 'crowded' ocean like the Med How does it really know if the faint sound it detects is an enemy And worth a torpedo? I'm aware that recordings of enemy propellers are quite accurate But in wartime I'm guessing in many situations you may force you to decide whether to shoot an unidentified sub or place yourself in danger to find out who it is
  • Navies keep libraries of what other ships and submarines sound like. Every vessel sounds a little bit different, even those of the same class so these acoustic signatures are indexed in digital libraries that go out to a navy's ships. Say there is a US Virginia class (the Missouri), a British Astute class (the Ambush) and a Russian Yasen class (the Severodvinsk). They are all tracking each other with passive sonar, in addition to tracking all the surface contacts. They classify all the tracks and monitor them to figure out who is what and where they are Now the diesel-electrics/air-independent propulsion....they might have drifted in and be so quiet that no one knows where they are. If shooting started...those are going to hunker down and try not to make a peep.
  • At least everyone is there for a lot of the same reasons (ISIS). Even so, having subs from so many different countries in such close proximity is bound to cause some problems.
  • Why do we have all these subs for a bunch of guys with AKs?
  • Subs are pretty great for launching cruise missiles at targets on land. The wikipedia page for the USS Ohio says it has 22 tubes, each with 7 Tomahawk missiles.
  • Yup, SSGN's are converted boomers, and carry 154 cruise missiles, as well as a Navy SEAL team. They can get close to shore and release the team to conduct raids, or they can use their cruise missiles to cause massive damage to the enemy's infrastructure. Only time an SSGN has fired in anger though was the USS Florida during Libya. The SSNs can fire cruise missiles as well, though no where near as many as the SSGNs. However, they follow carriers around just to make sure nothing happens to it. Even if the risk to your carrier is near none, losing an $8B ship, 6000 sailors, and 90 aircraft isn't acceptable, so they escort the carriers at all times, just to make sure it returns home.
  • Submarines can deploy special forces, fire cruise missiles, but most importantly they will be there to defend friendly ships from other submarines. Non-involved states like the other NATO states, Israel and Egypt, etc are there to spy on everyone else.
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