Inmate manufactured Tattoo gun. [OC] (1024 x 768)

Would not it is in every person's interest to simply let them have an actual gun that is tattoo education to use it? No. Go to a shop that is tattoo look around. You will see grade that is medical wrapped up ...

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  • Wouldn't it be in everyone's interest to just give them an actual tattoo gun and education to use it?
  • No. Go to a tattoo shop and look around. You will see medical grade equipment wrapped up for single use, Gloves everywhere and a pressure vessel (autoclave) for cleaning the stuff that can't be disposed of through hazmat. You know how much HIV is on my compound? We all get free HEP-C vaccines from the state when we start working. Do you think they do that for fun? I don't want inmates facking around with needles and blood. They don't even get razors where I work because we have a mental health unit.
  • This picture would imply that you are incorrect. They obviously have them. So it would be in everyone's interest to satisfy the demand with better equipment if the end result is in either case the use of needles.
  • Except they should NOT have needles. The liability of giving them proper equipment would be absurd, plus it's yet another thing that must be controlled. It's Prison for a reason.
  • Well good luck with that. I'm sure it's the only way to handle it.
  • Addicts will find drugs even though we take them away. Should we provide "safe" pure crack instead of letting them buy it from the local dealer?
  • A lot of european nations actually do that. The goal is to have healthier people, and that practice leads to healthier statistics.
  • Can you link me to some info on that? I'm genuinely curious as to what kind of government would give illegal and insanely harmful drugs to its citizens.
  • kings cross, Sydney had a 'legal' shooting gallery, where addicts can shoot up without being arrested and there is medical supplies or volunteers there.
  • Oh got it. There's a program like that in the States that will exchange addicts' dirty needles for sterile ones. Sorry, the other commenter made it sound like they were handing out high quality heroin instead of providing a safe space
  • They give synthetic drugs in certain places.
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