HMS Illustrious leaving Portsmouth for the last time this morning [624x466]

I do not get it... why do not the Brits save more of these vessels? Exact same utilizing the French too. It's a pity that therefore battleships that are few carriers through the old times survived. Cost a fortune to keep ...

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  • I don't get it... why don't the Brits save more of their ships? Same with the French too. It's a shame that so few battleships and carriers from the old days survived.
  • Cost a fortune to maintain I guess
  • There is too much of a disconnect between the general public, who would easily be behind such preservation efforts provided that they are informed about the situation, and the actual administrative class who make these decisions, and who could only give a hsit about their Christmas bonus and second homes in Belgravia.
  • The public were galvanised about keeping a Vulcan flying. Up to a point. They are also interested in keeping ships with major historical import like Victory around, or old ships with less historical significance (like a WWII frigate). But "modern" ships, even those with recent battle honours, don't hit the spot. As for the "administrative class", you'll need to explain your rhetoric better, as in a UK context it is as likely to mean civil servants as politicians. I would be surprised if either set gets anything remarkable as a Christmas bonus, if indeed they get anything, but yes, some politicians have homes near parliament.
  • Blocked, I'm afraid.
  • He looks so different without glasses and a mustache.
  • Yeah... Tis a shame. They should've saved a King George V battleship at least...
  • To be completely fair to the British, their government was utterly and completely broke after the war. They really, honestly, did not have the money to save those ships.
  • I understand. It's one of those hindsight is 20/20 things.
  • Postwar rationing did not fully end until 1954.
  • They didn't have the resources, if you're American it's a bit difficult to imagine the scale of destruction Europe as a whole suffered because the war never really hit home over here. Plus the British Empire was in decline at that point, they didn't have any of the resources from their holdings abroad to draw on. As a historian, it's sad for me to see, as a realist I totally understand why they didn't.
  • Rationing was on. We were victorious but skint. We had 900+ ships at the end of the war and had to cut down to a peace time level. You think folk would've been happy that the government would spend potentially millions to make a bunch of ships into museum pieces when they couldn't afford bread?
  • It would have been awesome to have a KGV or the Vanguard, but after the war the UK had no money at all.
  • To be fair the British government did try to think of a way of saving her . I just wish they'd succeeded.
  • Why would they bother?
  • History.
  • They have plenty of that already.
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