Fully loaded Turkish F-16[2048*1366]

Significantly, hence the dependence on additional fuel tanks. The F-35 as an example, does all of it internally, increasing range and gratification. EDIT: Here the advantage can be seen by you. Note the missiles on the ...

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  • Significantly, hence the requirement for extra fuel tanks. The F-35 for instance, does it all internally, improving range and performance. EDIT: Here you can see the advantage. Note the missiles on the inner weapons bay flaps. I'm not sure if one can be stored on the outer flap, if it can that's a lot of weaponry without external fuel. Obviously if persistence is required two bombs could be swapped for tanks.
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  • Upskirt.
  • The F-35 is an objectively great plane, better than basically everything it's replacing. The issue is that thanks to the internet, we're seeing all the usual R&D hsit new aircraft go through blown out of proportion. It happened to the F-22 as well.
  • I've heard that MBT programs like the M1 Abrams took huge amounts of money to research and develop as well. I wonder how many Redditors would've sided with the M60A3s.
  • Like this?
  • That's the one! I can't believe they were talking about "shot traps" for 3rd generation MBTs.
  • APFSDS rounds and composite armor do not work that way.
  • Well, it's not a shot trap, but it's still a weak point in the armor. Which itself is a non-issue when fighting from range, which lessens the chance of that spot being hit.
  • 60 Minutes had an editorial about the M1, their take was it's too expensive and it can't float like a Sherman at D-Day could so it sucks.
  • Does anyone really expect an MBT to float?
  • We all know that the M48 is objectively superior to the Abrams
  • woah there pierre sprey
  • And the F-14, and the F-16, and the A-10, and the C-5, and what eventually ended up as the C-17, and the F/A-18, and the failed replacement for the A-6, etc. etc. People who weren't military procurement nerds 30 years ago just have no context for how hard it is to field a new military aircraft because there wasn't the constant peanut gallery of bloggers screaming like banshees when something in a program went wrong or overbudget or past a deadline.
  • Oh man, the C-17. My dad worked as a software contractor on it way back when they were barely building airframes yet, and he always joked for years afterwards that no project could ever compare. I forget exactly what he said, but it was in the vein of "I once had a project that was ten years late and ten billion over budget."
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