Charle de Gaules Carrier Strike Group [1957x275]

The CDG battle team frequently deploys with a ship that is foreign. It had a dutch frigate a couple is thought by me of months ago. And a German ! Is that a Daring that is british class the lead? ...

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  • The CDG battle group usually deploys with a foreign ship. It had a dutch frigate I think a couple of months ago.
  • And a German !
  • Is that a British Daring class in the lead?
  • Horizon class, they do look similar.
  • The mast confused me, it must be said.
  • They started as joint project but Italy and France decided to do their own iirc.
  • i didn't know that. Thanks.
  • Beautiful
  • Decent catch on the 45 vs 42. I was wondering why RFA was looking odd I was using the abbreviation of the commenter above mine and didn't catch it. Now the "Haha Haha" is because I am tired of people making nonsensical comments and then repeating them without fully looking at the situations and facts that are easily available.
  • Is that France's entire navy?
  • It is a good portion of their major surface vessels. However, what you see here is still equal to or even more powerful than 90% of the rest of the navies in the world.
  • Yep, when you remember that the Charles de Gaulle carries 24 Rafales which can each carry 20,000 lbs of missiles/bombs (including nuclear weapons), it's pretty clear that they can ruin the day of just about every military on earth besides America, China, and maybe the U.K.
  • I think France and England have AT LEAST a parity in surface fleets right now, probably even something of a French advantage until the QEs become active.
  • UK currently comes above french but its exceedingly close until the QEs come, although both navies work very close.
  • This video goes over it a bit.
  • Unless the Royal Navy loses her anti-ship missiles like it's planned.
  • The First Sea Lord said recently that a replacement is being looked into. Harpoon is being retired in 2018, so there's still time.
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