A sniper of the Russian SF with TSVL-8 rifle [1200x798]

Ah, Tsar Cannon!! They've been doing work that is good sniper rifles for quite some time(they got distinguished about 8 years approximately i assume). The Russian equivalent associated with US Secret Service were among their ...

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  • Ah, Tsar Cannon!! They have been doing good work in sniper rifles for quite some time(they got well known about 8 years or so I guess). The Russian equivalent of the US Secret Service were among their first clients, who interestingly use American Texas Instruments calculators for making calculations while shooting, they used the Ti-83 a few years back, dunno about now. The guys in Tsar Cannon consider themselves more as scientists than just gun manufacturers.
  • Looks lightweight
  • A little over 6 kg according to link at top
  • What is it about Russian SF that makes them look stone cold? This dude has the steely stare of a guy who has seen so much.
  • One of Russian SF guys had Livejournal blog for some time (lj still has decent crowd in Russia btw). One time he commented a video of Americans arresting that Tsarnaev guy. You may remember crowds of armed people with every uniform and gear you can imagine, dismantling half of the block. My favorite comment of him was "It's strange for me that they walk like this with no caution, though I understand that there is virtually no chance that a machine gun starts working on them from the top floor of the house on the other side of the street".
  • Russians went through some serious hsit in Chechnya.
  • In that case, it's an obviously posed photo-shoot, so the guy's stare doesn't mean much.
  • Quick change barrels or two different rifles? (one suppressed, one with a brake)
  • 2 dif people. they're wearing dif backpacks.
  • 5 different people. Can you not see them all??
  • Looks like a Night Force Optic, interesting.
  • Definitely a Night Force, zoom in a little and the brand is plain as day.
  • That hsit looks light as fack.
  • Get Out Of Here, Stalker!
  • Can anyone explain how Russian SF has Nightforce and other ITAR regulated optics
  • Just because it's on the ITAR list does not mean they can't export it to Russia, it just means they have to ask and have a license granted before they do. I can't speak to rifle scopes, but I've spent most of my career working on ITAR controlled machinery and I have zero concerns that we would not be issued an export license for Russia (in part because they have their own companies that make similar products). For that matter, my former employer had a Russian subsidiary, although I don't believe that it did development or manufacturing of any controlled technologies.
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