why need a tail hook on navy plane ?

Not should they do not have the Carrier package.... Maybe not saying you're incorrect I did find this since I don't know exactly what constitutes a carrier package but. http://flyingwithfish.boardingarea.com/2012/12/26/reader-mail-why-do-air-force-jets-have-tailhooks/ ...

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  • Not if they don't have the Carrier package....
  • Not saying you're wrong since I don't know exactly what constitutes a carrier package but I did find this. http://flyingwithfish.boardingarea.com/2012/12/26/reader-mail-why-do-air-force-jets-have-tailhooks/ It says many Air Force jets including F-16s, 15s, 117s and 22s, which as far as I know have never been used as carrier jets, have tail hooks for emergency landings on airstrips equipped with arresting wires and for securing the jet during engine tests. I also seem to remember that the Israeli F-15 that landed safely after having a wing torn off used its tail hook. Canadian CF-18s also have a tail hooks even though Canada has no aircraft carriers, but that can likely be at least partially explained by the fact that the 18 is a carrier aircraft and they might as well leave the hooks on 'em and just install arresting wires on their airfields rather than deleting a safety feature from the aircraft to save a few bucks. Pilots are expensive after all.
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