When you really badly want to own a F-15 [960X720]

So MiG-29 with Iron Crosses + East-German "Trabant"....German Luftwaffe installation somewhere in East Germany right after the reunion? And evidently some United states Colonel comes to visit, and they ...

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  • So MiG-29 with Iron Crosses + East-German "Trabant"....German Luftwaffe installation somewhere in East Germany shortly after the reunion? And apparently some American Colonel comes to visit, and they provided him with an "appropriate" ride...
  • There are Germans in Florida that train with the USAF and USN, no idea when they had Mig-29's there but I would say this is probably in Florida considering it's written on the car and the Luftwaffe has a permanent training squadron in the state. This has to be a really old picture because lots of units had silly cars like this "back in the day" but I've never seen one personally.
  • These days squadron cars are still a thing. VAQ-134 VMFA-224 VMFA-232 VMFAT-101 VMFA-312
  • The last car has to be one of the most American things I've ever seen.
  • Every time i think i've seen it all i see something new.
  • Ah I've seen the VMFA-232 Firetruck at Miramar airshow a couple of times
  • IIRC the nuggets in VAQ 134 had to perform the PMs on the squadron car. This was of course when they were still flying the prowler and I haven't been at Whidbey Island for 10 years.
  • Doesn't the car look a bit Soviet though?
  • It's a Trabant.
  • The two vehicles behind the line of jets look like they have US-style plates. Hard to tell though.
  • My guess would be, this is Homestead.
  • This is at the 125th fighter squadron in Jacksonville FL. Chuck is a retired 2 star general, and one of the f-15 pilots there made those fins for him.
  • I actually lied to you folks. This is the 125th fighter squadron based out of Jacksonville. But this photo was taken while they were deployed to a former East German air base in 2001.
  • I just retired from the air guard in Jacksonville back in July, this car is currently sitting in the back corner of the base rotting away
  • The two cars in the background appear to be an early '90s Ford Econoline and a Plymouth/Chrysler Voyager of the same vintage. That would place it in Florida, since neither of those vehicles had quite the same sales volume in Europe. If I remember correctly, the story of this car is that Col. Ickes was selected to travel to Germany and learn to fly the Mig-29 (and the Germans sent some folks to drive the F-15).
  • West Germany inherited 20 Mig-29s from the unification with East Germany in 1990. These aircraft were kept in service to be used as an "aggressor squad" for training exercises. They participated in this role in many exercises, many of them in the US where German pilots train as well. Germany gave the Migs to Poland in 2002 as a gift. They still use them.
  • no idea when they had Mig-29's there https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eglin_Air_Force_Base
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