When you empty out an AMX 10 RC [1199x792]

I could probably identify everything laid out if you had some higher resolution photos. French tank BII appears surprisingly similar to United States tank BII. Leclerc we wonder why the AMX 30 picture looks ...

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  • If you had some higher resolution photos, I could probably identify everything laid out. French tank BII looks surprisingly similar to US tank BII.
  • Leclerc I wonder why the AMX 30 photo looks so much older than the photo of the AMX 10 RC, when they were seemingly taken at the same place at roughly the same time.
  • Not sure, actually! Here's another: http://i.imgur.com/aYufCIC.jpg - AMX-10 PAC 90. I had one for the AMX-40 as well, but I can't remember where I put it.
  • Is that an AMX-10P with an ERC-90 turret? I can't remember such a thing ever being in service.
  • Not with the French, at least - but it was exported to Singapore and Indonesia.
  • Those are some kind of GIAT press photos right?
  • Probably. I'd say the AMX-30, -40, 10 RC and 10 PAC 90 all come from the same series of photos, likely export oriented, while the Leclerc one was most likely taken at a later date. The odd thing is, the AMX 10 PAC 90 one comes with a credited photographer that none of the other photos have. So it might be that he took all these photos (maybe on behalf of GIAT) and the PAC 90 is one that he uploaded himself, or it might just be that he's taken a photo of a photo or something like that. Not 100% sure. 😛
  • It's probably at the testing grounds or somewhere owned by GIAT. The factory or development center is probably right around the bend.
  • I like the mittens, assuming they're for the loader
  • what are all those thin metal rods? tent poles for the camo net?
  • One set of them, quite possibly. The other set is probably for this: http://i.imgur.com/gjQ223j.jpg
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