When I was 18, I made a lot of dumb decisions. Becoming a helicopter pilot wasn't one of them.

No no no. /u/Unidan understands shit. I just talk a great deal. We would say Unidan could be the Iamkokonutz associated with sleep of reddit. Simply realized my buddy place some filter that is stupid that shot when he texted ...

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  • No no no. /u/Unidan knows shit. I just talk a lot.
  • I would say Unidan is the Iamkokonutz of the rest of reddit.
  • Just realized my buddy put some stupid filter on that shot when he texted it to me. Makes it low rez and weird. I wish people didn't do that. Here are a couple from my phone. http://imgur.com/a/1tF1U
  • Your tail number looks like a mouthful for read back. Do you have to call the C, or do they allow you to drop it most of the time?
  • It is a bit of one. In Canada, the Charlie is implied and never used. On flights in the states is the only time you use the "C". Every aircraft in Canada starts with either a Golf or a foxtrot, so on the initial call, we include the "G" or "F", and then it's dropped in all subsequent calls and is just the last 3 letters. If we leave the airspace, our initial call again includes the Golf or Foxtrot. My first flight in it, I couldn't say the indent. Flight #2 was better... but, I'd change it for sure if something better comes along.
  • It's pretty much the same in the US with the N numbers. N is implied unless you're outside US airspace, but we don't have the G/F at the beginning. Same for the last 3 after the first call though. Thanks for the info!
  • Beautiful....What's your altitude at that LZ? Raven I or II?
  • Altitude is 6,000' but a Pressure density of 7,000' to 7,500' (was like 25 degrees) It's a Raven II. My Carb heat days are over!
  • Crap, it's been 10 minutes and pic #2 is still beautifully half loaded.
  • Holy hsit im 25 and struggling to figure out the funding haha
  • Having money trumps most bad decisions. Say: "Thanks, dad!"
  • I'd never dream of saying I would be anywhere near where I am today without my dad, cuz that would be totally disrespectful to the help he gave me... But, I earned enough selling cars in highschool, (buying mustangs, jeeps, preludes etc and fixing them and selling them) to get my license. My parents tried to talk me out of flying because I was a horrible student. They didn't think I'd have a hope in hell of passing ground school.
  • Eh. Some days I'm still on the fence about it. Especially when camp gets a foot and a half of snow over the course of 3 hours in May, forcing me to leave the machine at a different site 1 hr drive away and having to return with full winter covers so it doesn't turn into a block of ice over night 😉 Now, flying for pleasure on the other hand. That I could get used to! 😀
  • Did you see the picture of the Blackcomb Astar, stuck on the top of the hill for 2 or 3 days? Passenger and Pilot.
  • Oh wow, was that recent?? I haven't been on Vertical for a while because I got sick of the foreign worker mud-slinging competition, I mean debate...
  • No, didn't make vertical. Looks like they kept it pretty quiet. I just saw it on someone's phone. Wouldn't share it beyond that.
  • I work with the guy, pretty amazing story. It wasn't really his fault, just hsit luck. Stuck up there with no more than 15ft in every direction to walk. We talked with him every day on the radio and the head guide of WHS skied up to him with supplies. Amazing how cool and calm they stayed for the whole ordeal. I've spent lots of time working in the arctic and I think I'd way rather be stuck in the tundra then on top of a 9000' mountain.
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