What the future US Navy looked like in in the 1970s (x-post /r/warshipporn)[469x564]

Wow... I assume that means I was in junior high that I technically played the part of your dad in a video game back when. He's gonna love when he is showed by me this seems like you can find ...

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  • Wow... I guess that means that I technically played the part of your dad in a video game back when I was in junior high.
  • he's gonna love when i show him this
  • Looks like there are a couple of copies of it up on eBay, FWIW.
  • Wow. It's not everyday you get somebody whose dad commanded a hydrofoil. That must have been an awesome job. Any interesting stories?
  • yeah, actually.. so this wasn't my dad but another CO on a different PHM. So this guys driving the plane on foil around the Chesepeke bay iirc, and theres a small crabbing putter boat; just one crabman doing his thing to earn his keep ya know. So anyway, this commander decides to play around with him and goes on full plane at around 60 knots and starts doing doughnuts around the crabber throwing his wake at him etc, and the crabber obviously doesn't like this too much but cant do much of anything about it; the PHM was the fastest, most advanced class of nits time so, odds are against ya no matter what. on about the third go around, karma btich slapped the commander with a sand bar; the commander slams foil first causing catastrophic damage to the foil and hull. well, along comes mr. crabber and he proceeds to do a few doughnuts, putt-putting around one of the most expensive ships in the Navy, just recently destroyed by this cocky Commander. My dad said that was the shortest commissioning in the history of the Navy, and a pretty funny story. some info on the Pegasus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pegasus-class_hydrofoil Holy shit, i think i found the incident i was talking about! it wasn't a PHM but the USS Tucumcari; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Tucumcari_(PGH-2)#Damage_to_the_vessel i'm pretty sure this is it! and now you guys know the real story of what happened haha.
  • "The fate of Tucumcari was sealed during salvage operations. While attempting to blast the boat free from the coral reef using explosives, further damage was incurred." Who saw that one coming?
  • Interesting the story on the wiki page is different.... hmmm....
  • Holy unnecessary skepticism, Batman.
  • its different because what Navy would want that kind of PR nightmare on a brand new ship that cost an arm and a leg? that'd be like crashing an F-35 because you wanted to be a dick to some farmers or something and break the sound barrier at 150ft.
  • well yeahh I realize that, my comment was sarcasm.
  • i thought so tbh.. no one else seemed to get that haha. fwiw i upped you.
  • Isn't the navy pushing hydroplanes again?
  • i'd be interested to see some. they're the hsit
  • I saw a Discovery special from 06, that showed them designing, building, and commissioning a ship with hydrofoils, but google only shows the Pegasus and her sister ships. So IDK what the fack is happening.
  • not to mention
  • Why is pushing hydroplanes more expensive than regular ships? I thought their movement was more efficient?
  • the cost of maintenance was the issue iirc. too much in, not enough payout. i can ask my pop about what the real reason was though, if it's not on the wiki page.
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