USS Iowa refueling German destroyer Schleswig-Holstein [2840x1850]

We had a chain that is similar of that ended in that documentary a few weeks ago! Please send link that is documentary The SHIP that is biggest ...

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  • I had a similar chain of events that ended in that documentary a few weeks ago!
  • Please send documentary link!
  • The biggest SHIP in the world 2015 Documentary [45:20] Doc Mouse in People & Blogs 734,749 views since Jan 2015 bot info
  • Thanks!
  • West german destroyer.
  • whut why
  • Becauae its a West German destroyer?
  • ha ha ha I read this as "worst german destroyer"
  • I got really confused for a second when I read the title because I thought it referred to this Schleswig-Holstien , the ship that started WWII. I thought wait a minute, the Iowa and the US wasn't on Germany'a side, wait a minute the USS Iowa didn't exist yet!
  • When? edit: See flag in picture.
  • Weird question? Why are they moving? Wouldn't it be easier to refuel just sitting still?
  • No. The sea is always moving. It makes more sense to make way, at a reasonable speed and at a common bearing. Besides - part of this is practice for a situation where speed is of the essence.
  • I think that when refueling you need to keep the same speed and heading. By just drifting out in the ocean and not moving it is much more difficult to control the process.
  • A stopped ship is an out of control ship. In order for the rudder to have 'bite' on the water, there has to be some velocity of water traveling past the rudder.
  • Boats are much easier to control when going at a decent speed generally speaking. By having both boats move in the same direction it just takes small course corrections to keep them together, but if they were standing still their relative locations would be completely at the mercy of wind and waves. If you go canoeing you can observe this if you have 2 RC boats by trying to keep them next to each other (works best with a friend) on a somewhat breezy day both while sitting still and going at a constant pace.
  • Ships sitting parallel to each-other at sea need to keep moving to stay in control and prevent eventually colliding. All sides of the ships are being pushed by random waves (other than the overall average current) and these usually cancel out, however if the ships are already close to each other they are mutually blocking each other on their closest sides from these waves so the overall force on each ship is towards that each ship will gradually move towards the other ship and collide. Therefore they need to keep moving so they can stay in control and away from the other ship by rudder movement.
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