USS Constitution's hull in drydock

Whenever we're not careful our enemies might have ironclads in the decade that is next! That would be an upgrade for North Korea. This is the country that is same're speaking about where they have Bond ...

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  • If we're not careful our enemies could have ironclads in the next decade!
  • That would be an upgrade for North Korea.
  • This is the same country we're talking about where they have Bond villain style hollow mountain facilities for testing nuclear bombs and automated sentry turrets posted along the North-South border? That place is super facked up, but their armoury isn't as outdated as people like to think.
  • where they have Bond villain style hollow mountain facilities for testing nuclear bombs and automated sentry turrets posted along the North-South border I believe this but what
  • They have huge underground chambers where they occasionally detonate nukes for "testing" aka having it show up on South Korean seismographs for provocation purposes e: Worth remembering that this is the country that still operates facking Antonov An-2s though
  • I dunno, AN-2s don't show up amazingly on radar and are cheap. Great for getting lots of people over the border for next to nothing (relatively).
  • I always thought of them as probably intended for internal purposes. You know, to deliver crack squads of 'teachers' when a far off village shows signs of needing re-educating 🙁
  • Just checking that this is still a comment thread in a post about the USS Constitution in drydock. Laid down in 1794...
  • Could prolly take down a couple An-2s with a few steady-handied gunners
  • They have some advanced technology but the vast majority of their forces really are obsolete...such as the flak guns.
  • Flak might be useless against modern jets, but is still a large threat to helicopters and destructive if turned to the ground. That is of course on the assumption that the North Koreans still manage to hold on to the proper skills in camoflague netting and placement. I wouldn't want to be the one to guess how much of the N. Korean's swagger can actually correlate to actual military tradition and the inheritance of tactical knowledge from the Korean war veterans. Probably very little seeing as they would have been utterly exhausted had the Chinese not sent "volunteers" following the collapse of their preliminary shock value in 1950. It was put well in Bank's Hydrogen Sonata , when a special circumstances representative of the Culture told the militaristic society of the Gzilt, that it is laughable to think that it is the liberal and largely dove-like society who were in fact the ones that had gained prowess in warfare after their galactic struggle against other races, whilst the hawkish Gzilt in fact spent all their time playing soldier, and living a life of relative peace. To somebody who has never read any of the Culture books, that probably sounded like gibberish, but the point still holds up. How well could a military society that had achieved nothing but inhumanity against it's own civilians and no true grit combat, stand up to NATO who at this point have spent the last twenty five years getting very good at waging battle.
  • Upvote for Culture reference. I managed to refer to the Culture twice on reddit today, so I'm in favor of other people doing it so that I'm not a crazy person.
  • Of course big guns are still useful for many things, just not air-defence. That sounds like something from /r/writingpromps , but my point is that most of North Korea's active equipment is laughably obsolete, their only credible assets are some quality artillery, shitloads of infantry, and shitloads of midget submarines/manned torpedoes.
  • The problem is that they had shitloads of everything you stated. If the asymmetrical warfare of the last decade taught us anything is that one cannot underestimate the power of an enemy if they have no qualms in casualty rate and overrunning even the most high tech equipped armed forces. Unless we resort to playing dirty (chemical/biological weapons), it will not be a milkrun to end the Second Korean War.
  • Sounds like an advisor from Civ V.
  • I am actually on the boat right now doing some laser scanning of the hull and interior.
  • Less Reddit - moar laser! 😀
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