US Marine Raiders and Navy SARC in Afghanistan.[1080 x 873]

Fackin rah I'm assuming a SAW is carried by the Asian of course. The guy that is smallest constantly holds the SAW. And if he's specially tiny, the M249 is decided by them isn't sufficient firepower for the ...

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  • fackin rah
  • I'm assuming the Asian carries a SAW
  • Of course. The smallest guy always carries the SAW. And if he's especially small, they decide the M249 isn't enough firepower for the mission and they need to bring a M240.
  • Why is this?
  • Because he's small
  • There's no physical advantage to giving smaller guys the bigger weapon?
  • theyre joking...
  • Even so. I've read quite a few times that smaller guys usually get the larger weapons so I figured someone would have an answer.
  • I had a squad leader who's theory behind it was that you give the small guy the big gun because the combat load is constant, so once his body is conditioned to that load, he's kosher. Whereas bigger guys have a bit more flexibility in the range of equipment they can effectively carry. There's also the idea that a small dude makes for a smaller target on your team's most casualty producing weapon.
  • Also it's funi
  • Happiness is belt fed
  • It epitomizes the nonsensical mess that is military organization at times.
  • It's not the size, it's how angry the individual is. SOP is to give the angriest person the heaviest weapon, it just usually happens to be the smallest guy.
  • Give the smallest guy the heaviest weapon and he is sure to always be the angriest too. The logic is beautifully circular.
  • That testosterone is alot more concentrated in a little guy. When they get pissed, they get pissed
  • So... Gurkha
  • hsit yea, the facker will be so aggressive he'll be like ten guys firing
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