US Army sniper keeps watch near the Pakistan border as partner sleeps. Afghanistan, 2011 [4288 x 2848]

I happened to be with C tank for a while that is little they deployed. The guy on the rifle looks almost exactly like one of my guys that are old. Even the exact same name that is last. But I do not think its him though since he never made ...

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  • I was with C tank for a little while before they deployed. The guy on the rifle looks almost exactly like one of my old guys. Even the same last name. But I dont think its him though since he never made it to sniper school. But he was the designated marksman for the squad. Edit: Yup those were my guys when I was in C Tank. My first time being a team leader as well. Those were some good dudes. I was pretty facking clueless and IMO wasnt ready. But I wasnt about to say no to the PSG and they helped me out in a way. I am very proud of them and as far as I know they are doing well. I didnt deploy with them since I was still on dwell time. I was going to wave it but my father was ill and wanted to be around in case the worst happened (it did).
  • Did you know Lt. Miller? He was supposed to be the Charlie Tank PL but fell out of a battalion run pre-deployment so they pulled him and made him the FOB security OIC at OE.
  • BWAHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA He was my PL. As a matter of fact I was next to him when he fell out.
  • What a small world, this is awesome
  • Ive always said its a small world, and a even smaller army.
  • Lol. Edit: I gotta tell this story. We were on a mission up by COP Zerok going on a raid in a town called Derka in the Derka valley. Dead serious. Anyway the plan was to SP after dark, walk all night, raid at dawn, hold the village during the day, then exfil after dark with the prisoners again at dark. We were moving fast and light so we didn't take much food/water. We were supposed to get a resupply via Blackhawks dropping body bags filled with water bottles. Well somehow Lt. Miller convinced the Air S3 to let him go on the resupply drop. When we got down to where the resupply drop was all the water had been dropped directly on the rocks in the riverbed and all the bottles had exploded. There was no water. Anyway, when I got back i told Miller how we walked like 14 clicks back to Zerok with no water. He laughed and said he facked up and dropped all the body bags in the wadi and not in the bushes where he was supposed to. Thanks LT. Miller aka buddy facker actual. Good times. fack I miss AFG.
  • fack that, I would have reported that to HQ G3. Mistakes happen but that's not an excuse to laugh and be a dick about it.
  • Jesus. TBH I am not surprised at all about this. If it makes you feel any better I made it a point to fack him up as much as I could when we would play basketball for PT. Despite him being much bigger (fatter) than me. Im talking elbows, tripping, everything I could muster. The guy was a complete turd and all the NCO's in the platoon at the time couldnt do anything but just shake their heads at this guy. Some of us were pretty sure he was going to get someone killed. However despite Miller and his shenanigans he wasnt the worst PL I have had to deal with. They put me in 2CR shortly after 172nd deployed and that was a whole new level of fackery that I am glad I will never have to experience ever again.
  • fell out of a battalion run pre-deployment can i get an army to English translation on that?
  • Before deploying, their battalion (roughly 700-800 people) went on a run and this one Lieutenant was too out of shape to keep up, so he dropped out to the side of the formation. This is pretty much the quickest way to lose the confidence of your subordinates as a junior officer. Physical fitness is only 10% of leadership, but it's the first 10%, as one of my Captains told us early on.
  • ouch! not exactly leading from the front eh?
  • Exactly. You won't find anyone who'll claim that being a fast runner = a good soldier/officer, but if you can't run well, then you're just a liability. Especially considering battalion runs are usually at a very slow pace (8 minutes/mile or slower in my own experience). I've heard of senior Sergeants ripping the Ranger tabs off new Lieutenants for falling out of hikes or runs.
  • He's silhouetting like a mofo. .
  • Given the grain, lack of contrast, lack of hard shadows and slight glow to the photo, I'm going to assume this photo was taken at relatively high ISO and the camera exposed for a neutral grey... Giving you a much much brighter photo than ambient light. I'm going to say that this photo was taken right as the sun is coming up and for someone in the field below looking towards the subject they would see nothing but black sky and a deep emerging sunrise the other direction. Source: Amateur photographer that does a lot of night photography
  • According to the EXIF data , it was shot at 500 ISO, f/4.5, 1/250. It was probably already pretty bright for those settings and that result. Also, the time stamp is 7:07 am, though it might not be accurate. The metadata also contains this note, which provides some context: PAKTIKA PROVINCE, Afghanistan - U.S. Army sniper Spc. James Wanser from Los Angeles, CA - of C Company, 3rd Battalion, 66th Armor Regiment, Task Force 228, 172n Infantry Brigade - keeps watch in the early morning hours of Sept. 8 while his battle buddy catches a few precious minutes of sleep. Task Force 228 was on a joint mission with the Afghan National Army and the Afghan Border Patrol in the mountains near the Pakistan border. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Ken Scar, 7th MPAD)
  • The napping guys watch reads 6:09 so it might be an hour ahead...
  • Damn, this whole thread is like a scene from CSI
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