The result of a tactical potato being stuffed in the muzzle of a Firefly's 17 pounder

Indeed, it's insane to consider that a potato would be sufficient to cause any damage at all. A potato is nothing compared to the pressure after all these guns fired metal round which were meshed into the rifling ...

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  • Indeed, it's insane to think that a potato would be enough to cause any harm at all. After all these guns fired metal round which were meshed into the rifling, a potato is nothing compared to the pressure needed to move that. Any thoughts if a squib AP would be enough pressure? I was assuming an HE round got stuck and was hit by the next round, it is quite a long banana peel... Why would you assume it was a potato? Even if OP was joking at least one person is going to come away from this thinking a potato could do this.
  • Potato? Nah I don't see that happening. Not with a tank round. Any barrel obstruction is a bad thing, but at that velocity I don't see a potato doing this but then again I'm not an expert I was thinking the same about AP ad HE. Maybe He with AP next and boom. I think its easy enough to imagine a round missing powder in wartime. If I recall about the British tanks. I think the powder charge is separate from the projectile. So it could have just been human error on the loaders part
  • Shoving a carrot down a shotgun barrel will cause it to blow, like a squib (With high brass). It's possible that a potato could start enough pressure to rupture the sides, but probably not to this extent. Edit: The carrot if anyone is wondering
  • Agreed. Could it happen yeah sure. Likely in this scenario? No
  • Look at the proportions though, its hard to tell exactly but that looks like several inches of carrot in a relatively small diameter short barrel. The gun used on a firefly is three inches across. It would take quite the potato to get it to even wedge in firmly and even then it would barely take up any of the barrel length. The carrot was what like three inches length of surface contact for like a two foot barrel? (all completely eyeballed estimates btw.) Unless you got the monster of all potatoes you'd be getting maybe an inch or two of barrel touching the surface, compared to a 13 and a half foot barrel. 3 and a half inch diameter is apparently a jumbo potato but I don't know how that's measured. (Anyone know if WW2 potatoes were as big as modern potatoes btw?) If you used enough potatoes I wouldn't be too surprised, but I highly doubt one potato would do anything, and even with as many potatoes as you want I doubt you would ever get this kind of destruction. btw does anyone know how to calculate say the propellant charge vs barrel structural integrity for a shotgun vs a QF 17? I'd certainly be curious to see how they compare.
  • The fact that I referred to it as a "tactical potato" should be enough to denote facetiousness, doubtless anyone who thought it was serious is beyond help in general.
  • Ah now this I guess makes sense. Would the next round not just force the previous round out? Does this regularly happen (or even semi-regularly, or at all)?
  • Often, no but with firearms, a misloaded round missing powder can get stuck in a barrel. The next round will stack and cause a barrel to bulge. It can end in a barrel looking like this in the most extreme cases
  • Kartoffel?
  • Does anybody have any technical context for this? I remember seeing a Mythbusters episode about Bugs Bunny's finger in the barrel of Elmer Fudd's gun. It was ruled that it's only a myth, and it could never happen due to muzzle velocity vs density of pretty much any object you could put in there. Can anybody shine any light on this for me? I'm fascinated.
  • I think the pressures and forces and strengths will scale at different rates... while banana peeling a handgun is exceedingly unlikely, when you are playing with the kind of power in a tank round, there's a whole lot more oomph to make the metal go strange places.
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