The Mayor of Los Angeles unveiled LAPDs new Tesla vehicles [600x624]

Comparable decision process that is making shift sgts. Get them out in front of the public, but safely away from the grunts. I like the basic idea of Police in electric automobiles but are they actually ...

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  • Similar decision making process
  • Probably shift sgts. Get them out in front of the public, but safely away from the grunts.
  • I like the idea of Police in electric cars but are they really ready to be emergency vehicles? Will police stations need their own power plants now to keep their fleet serviceable in emergency situations when power availability gets sketchy? Will every fender bender and crash need to be sent back to the factory for servicing? Won't departments need twice the fleet size to accommodate charging down time? I'm guessing they'll probably just be perks for bureaucrats. Seems way too flashy to give to patrolmen.
  • Aren't cop cars chosen by how inexpensive they are to service and maintain? Teslas seem to be very specialized and unique... Hardly what I'd expect from a police force. Sure they're probably more sturdy, maneuverable, and less expensive gas-wise, but the car is super expensive and any maintenance and service will require specialized equipment and training.
  • It's probably worth the high startup cost. The drivetrain of a Tesla is absurdly simple compared to a conventional engine. Electric motors and batteries are, in the long run, much easier to maintain and replace than internal combustion engines. It's inevitable that the LAPD will eventually adopt electric cars as its primary vehicle - quieter, miniscule fuel costs, better PR, simpler mechanics - but that'll wait until a cheaper model comes out for regular squad cars.
  • Kind of. Crown Vics are inexpensive to maintain pretty much because cop cars are the majority of them. So yards stock extra parts, and everybody knows how to strip a Crown Vic and rebuild it because of how regularly they get jacked up. But for the LAPD: Together with the new leases, the department also received two expensive loaner EVs: a BMW i3 and a Tesla Model S P85D, with 0-60 speeds of 7.0 and 3.2 seconds respectively. The police department was vague on what it would do with the cars, saying only: "These vehicles will be used for testing and research by LAPD technical experts to determine how this technology can support their future needs." Sounds like fun. So ... all the cars will be leased. 160 of them will be completely electric, 128 will be hybrid, and then they just "threw in" a Tesla P85D (about $100,000) and a BMW i3 (about $45,000)
  • For the decreased cost of maintenance they're worth it. For the average driver the short term investment is expensive, but in the life of that vehicle (as a police car), I'm sure it will save a significant amount of money in fuel and maintenance costs.
  • You forget that a police car will have much more wear and tear done to it. It's well within the realm of possibility that bullets could penetrate it within the next month. Or it may get into a nasty crash when in pursuit of someone.
  • Most electric cars, Teslas included, do not require oil changes, less brake repair, etc.. Cost of ownership is incredibly cheap compared to the average car. I know the Tesla model S is cheaper to maintain than my Kia Soul.
  • Then it's good that Tesla has highest safety rating of all time, that will help with crashes.
  • I mean, it's a good car for car chases, fast and safe for the driver. But I agree with it being overly expensive as a patrol car.
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