The German Soldier through History (fixed) (5140x1200)

We agree. In the past they had their style that is own all military uniforms look equivalent. Function over form strikes once more! The smocks that fallschirmjagers had were positively both ...

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  • I agree. Back then they had their own style, nowadays all military uniforms look the same.
  • Function over form strikes again!
  • The smocks that fallschirmjagers had were definitely both tho.
  • Even with them you started to see some similarities between the German and the British paras though. Definitely not as distinct anymore as the earlier uniforms.
  • Cant argue that. I just like the marriage of the classic German uniform with something that was a bit more utilitarian, even if the general idea was already accomplished
  • Sorry... what? You're saying the German uniforms of WWI and WWII placed function over form or that the uniforms of nowadays do that? [Edit] -3 for asking a question... wow. Wtf is wrong with Reddit?
  • I was saying that the uniforms of today look similar as most modern militaries have converged towards a uniform design that emphasizes several pragmatic design lessons that were learned throughout the last centuries conflicts. While great for public display and PR, the uniforms of old were less than spectacular in their ergonomics, and their effectiveness in not standing out like a sore thumb on the battlefield.
  • Don't you badmouth flecktarn
  • Compared to the 80s it's become a lot more original based on different armies.
  • Well, they were designed by Hugo Boss.
  • I dunno. Maybe you don't get the same cultural differences in the regular uniforms these days, but they're definitely really cool in their own way now - all the technology that goes into military gear these days is really interesting IMO. The look is pretty cool too. I get what you're saying, but I definitely still like the new stuff, basically.
  • In all honesty, the Nazis really had their aesthetics down. I saw a thing on the History Channel about his plans for a new Berlin from the ground up and it would really have been a sight to see.
  • I'm not sure about their architecture, but their fashion sense was exquisite.
  • Their architecture had VERY strong roots in Imperial Roman architecture. The propositions looked very impressive.
  • I've never been all that taken with Albert Speer's hyper-monumentalist designs for Berlin. They have all the aesthetics of an oom-pah band.
  • Where could I see these?
  • There are some pictures in this Wikipedia Article
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