Tank camouflage done right [1844x1357]

Appropriate leg. Near the leg. I would like to trust it is because associated with digital camera flash causing a shadow while the level of the shadow on the surfaces that are different. But i am not too good. Additionally ...

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  • Right leg. Near the knee.
  • I want to believe it's because of the camera flash causing a shadow and the depth of the shadow on the different surfaces. But I'm not too positive.
  • Also the angle in which he leans upon the barrel seems off.
  • Even the body in relation to the tank there is a really sketchy outline same with barrel it attached to the tank and the trunks and as /u/Stojas said the arm aswell as the look of depth. Yep not a doubt it is fake.
  • Ha yeah I've seen this picture before and I remember thinking the same thing.
  • There's some real funny shading under his right armpit and around his right knee.
  • I was a M1A2 crewman for awhile in the US Army, I never understood why we weren't required to camo our tanks during training exercises. Yeah, it would have been a pain in the ass, but it's clearly effective and a lost art in the American Army. Pulling a mounted OP in the woods? Best I can do is give you a tan tank....
  • Maybe because if your enemy has IR devices you'd stick out like a sore thumb anyway?
  • Yeah, and we all have thermals. But concealment still helps on the battlefield.
  • With the engine cold and the tank buttoned up wouldn't this layer of thick moss make it significantly harder to spot than a naked tank no matter what part of the spectrum you're using?
  • We camoed our MBTs and OSVs up in NTC like crazy. You need every advantage you can get when you're fighting M1s. One of the biggest reasons they don't let you camo the M1s up is because of all the hsit you can suck into the pre-cleaner and the risk of the engine setting your camo on fire. One of my first gunners told me they covered their tank in branches and brush once during an FTX. And lets just say it ended with a Halon bottle going off.
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