Swedish soldier in Afghanistan. [730x718]

OP wanting to experience that sweet, sweet karma. He is not doing too bad from the jawhorse thus far That's because individuals do not consider the comments the maximum amount of as they simply click a upvote and link ...

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Some random comments on reddit about Swedish soldier in Afghanistan. [730x718]

  • OP trying to reap that sweet, sweet karma.
  • He isn't doing too bad out of it so far
  • That's because people don't look at the comments as much as they just click a link and upvote if they like it.
  • Seems to have worked pretty well.
  • What? oh dude 🙁
  • I thought she was Kylie Minogue from the Street Fighter movie.
  • la la la. la la la la la. la la la.
  • This thread has been linked to from elsewhere on reddit. [ /r/shitpost ] Posting women that have very little to do with military in a military sub I am a bot. Comments? Complaints? Send them to my inbox!
  • rekt OP
  • Not THAT kind of military porn!
  • Wel it does say militaryPORN.
  • this has almost nothing to do with military
  • Hijacking top comment to let you all know that the person in the picture is Linda Sundblad . She went to RC North (PRT MeS) in 2010 as a field artist, not as a soldier.
  • Hell yeah it does, uniform and berret and... eyes and stuff.
  • What were we talking about?
  • Something about that thing.
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