Sniper watches over Rocinha, the largest slum in Brazil [1000x585]

This had been during the inauguration associated with Peacekeeping device Program in Rio de Janeiro, straight back in 2012. It's component of the preparations to host the soccer World Cup which begins 12, this year june. ...

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  • This was during the inauguration of the Peacekeeping Unit Program in Rio de Janeiro, back in 2012. It's part of the preparations to host the soccer World Cup which begins June 12, this year.
  • Ya know, I feel like if you need a military operation to prepare a place for a sporting event, then maybe the place will never be prepared for a sporting event.
  • If it's a high profile event, it's going to have security.
  • Holy hell! Awesomeness! Where was this shot posted?
  • Probably here:
  • That's a great domain.
  • Quite clearly at Super Bowl 46, unless Roman Numerals are a thing of the past (lol). A quick Google search would lead you to this page .
  • Obviously this is the super bowl. I just want to know the post background; what source it was taken from.
  • They asked where it was posted, not from where it was taken.
  • Well it depends on what level of military operation. Supposedly the JTF2 (Joint Task Force 2) was securing the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. But yeah, if its on regular people and not terrorists then we have a problem.
  • But terrorists ARE regular people.
  • They're people alright, but when people hurt athletes or regular viewers then it becomes a security issue. In a perfect ideal world we wouldn't have any security because there's no need. But I would think even in a westernized world we would still have military units (special forces or not) assisting with security regardless of minimal threats internally. Nobody wants another Munich massacre.
  • That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that these snipers and such NEED to be scanning regular people, because of people who did things like the Boston Bombings and the Sandy Hook massacre. Terrorists aren't arabs dressed in white robes with long beards and dynamite strapped around their chests. We don't live in a cartoon. They look exactly like normal people, and act exactly like normal people, too.
  • Well fair enough, you raise a very good point.
  • thats the big thing no one's willing to address. be they a minority faction or not, they are humans with views and goals.
  • humans with goals and views that involve TERRORIZING other humans. so what was your point exactly?
  • You're all missing the point. The comment wasn't mean to imply we should take their feelings into account. It was saying that terrorists are indistinguishable from normal people. They don't walk around with a big sign saying "GET YOUR AL-QAEDA HERE FRESH BOMBS 2 FOR A POUND!"
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