Slaving away at my miserable job...

Beats the hell outta working with a purchase, spending plans, three several types of compliance and typical business IT material. Where do you run? In the midwest i have heard ...

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  • Beats the hell outta dealing with an acquisition, budgets, three different types of compliance and typical corporate IT stuff.
  • Where do you operate?
  • In the midwest
  • I've heard of it.
  • Yeah, big place. 🙂 Nebraska specifically.
  • Sweet. We do our work in IL.
  • Cool. What airframe?
  • We fly an R44, we just started the business last year. I'm the mix man, but I'll be learning to fly this fall once the spraying is done.
  • Ahh. Interesting. Good luck out there with that 44.
  • It's not perfect, and I know your opinion on them, but it's hard to justify the cost of a 206 when you have nothing to show. I think we'll end up with something better soon.
  • How much was the robby with with spray kit? Didn't mean anything bad by it FWIW. Just wishing you well with your new business.
  • How did you get started flying, and then crop dusting?
  • My father owns a cropdusting company.
  • Did you have previous flying experience before getting your license and working for your dad?
  • No. Only what i learned through observation and being a fly on the wall when the pilots were talking for 20 years growing up. I got my commercial rating and started spraying right away.
  • I appreciate your sympathy.
  • It is possible. Stab yourself in the eye with a spork several times. Then you'll be about half as miserable as me.
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