Ships and subs of the US Navy 2014. Graphic by Raytheon. [9525 x 7800]

We accustomed have a complete lot more. Late 80s goal was for 100 attack subs, twice our current number. So. Many. Submarines! Remember how effective u-boats that are german during WWII? And exactly how US ...

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  • We used to have a lot more. Late 80s goal was for 100 attack subs, twice our current number.
  • So. Many. Submarines!
  • Remember how effective German U-boats were during WWII? And how US fleet boats starved Japan? Something like 2% of the US fleet sank 50% of Japanese shipping losses. Edit: Yes, today is a very different world. But modern subs are very deadly, hence why we build so many.
  • Keep in mind U-boats were only effective for a couple of years before ASW techniques were developed properly.
  • Yup, and even before the US entered the war, the Uboats never racked up enough monthly kills (except once) to win the war alone. You could probably blame/thank Hitler for not building enough before the war started.
  • Didn't Doenitz ask for maybe 300 U-boats before the war, and got 50 instead?
  • to be fair we are a bit past u-boats nowadays.
  • German U-boats, yes. USN subs were sticking it to the IJN all the way to the end of the war.
  • This is true and British subs did outstanding work also throughout the war. By saying U-boats I assumed the commenter to be talking about the Germans, which is just from cultural differences due to where I'm from.
  • U-Boats sank about 1% of Allied shipping...
  • Pay no attention to the shoddy, common-sense, folk-wisdom evidence I use to back up my pre-formed conclusion 🙂 But, yes, I'm aware: At no time during the campaign were supply lines to Britain interrupted ; even during the Bismarck crisis, convoys sailed as usual (although with heavier escorts). In all, during the Atlantic Campaign only 10% of transatlantic convoys that sailed were attacked, and of those attacked only 10% on average of the ships were lost. Overall, more than 99% of all ships sailing to and from the British Isles during World War II did so successfully . Instead they were reduced to the slow attrition of a tonnage war. To win this, the U-boat arm had to sink 300,000 GRT per month in order to overwhelm Britain's shipbuilding capacity and reduce her merchant marine strength. In only four out of the first 27 months of the war did Germany achieve this target, while after December 1941, when Britain was joined by the U.S. merchant marine and ship yards the target effectively doubled. As a result the Axis needed to sink 700,000 GRT per month; as the massive expansion of the U.S. shipbuilding industry took effect this target increased still further. The 700,000 ton target was achieved in only one month , November 1942, while after May 1943 average sinkings dropped to less than one tenth of that figure. By the end of the war, although the U-boat arm had sunk 6,000 ships totaling 21 million GRT, the Allies had built over 38 million tons of new shipping. --- Battle of the Atlantic, Assessment RESULTS OF THE GERMAN AND AMERICAN SUBMARINE CAMPAIGNS OF WORLD WAR II by Michel Thomas Poirier Commander, USN goes into more detail. Little known fact, the u-boat campaign of ww1 came closer to victory than that of ww2 did . 1917 alone, the germans sank 6 million tons of shipping, almost half of the 13 million between 1914 and 1918. During the 6 years of ww2, depsite much greater investments of men and money, the germans managed to sink little over 14 million tons of a larger merchant navy while losing ten times as many boats. --- /u/cassander Admiral Doenitz himself talks about the campaign when interrogated after the war.
  • btw, I've come across a lot of your comments before. You do a good job keeping the armchair generals in check, and usually add a worthwhile word yourself. Keep it up.
  • Well, thank you I am glad I am contributing. 🙂
  • Even the world's shittiest, noisiest sub is a better asset than a kick-ass surface ship.
  • I love how the Constitution is just hanging out in the bottom-right. I love that ship, but it was honestly a surprise to see her on here. All of these newfangled, self-propelled steel ships, and then a two-century-old 44-gun sailing frigate.
  • .
  • It's still a commissioned US Navy ship, I imagine that's why it's on there. The USS Pueblo is on there, it's a 60s era ship that the North Koreans are holding. But it's never been decommissioned so it's always listed.
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