Russian Shilka Anti Aircraft system

Fun fact, they were utilized against soldiers by foot in Afghanistan historically most, if only a few, gun based AA weapons have been utilized against terrestrial objectives in war. perhaps the absolute most famous, ...

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  • Fun fact, these were used against soldiers on foot in Afghanistan
  • historically most, if not all, gun based AA weapons have been used against terrestrial targets in war. possibly the most famous, and effective, was the PAK 43: The Pak 43 (Panzerabwehrkanone 43) was a German 88 mm anti-tank gun developed by Krupp in competition with the Rheinmetall 8.8 cm Flak 41 anti-aircraft gun and used during the Second World War. The Pak 43 was the most powerful anti-tank gun of the Wehrmacht to see service in significant numbers, also serving in modified form as the main gun on the Tiger II tank, and Elefant, Jagdpanther and Nashorn tank destroyers. The improved 8.8 cm round had a relatively flat trajectory out to 910 m (1,000 yd) and was able to frontally penetrate any Allied tank at long ranges. Even the Soviet IS-2 model 1943 tanks and IS chassis-based tank destroyers were vulnerable to the Pak 43.
  • Oh indeed, I thought this deserved special mention. It would make a mess.
  • for shredding infantry I'd say the wirbelwind deserves mention too.
  • indeed
  • "Rain... Open top tank... facking great engineering!"
  • i think rain is the least of their problems with the open turret
  • also in Chechnya i believe in that conflict they were nicknamed "Chechen Meat Grinders" they really are the perfect anti personal weapon
  • i suppose they could knock out anything short of an MBT. i wouldn't want to be on the receiving end!
  • these were used to slice apart unarmored trucks and civilian cars as well as groups of infantry and dug in sniper positions. basically anything that was hiding behind a building or concrete structure got eaten alive by the meat grinder.
  • That's a terrifying thought. Like an armored long-range buzz saw.
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