Russian Army T-14 Armata MBT

"It's Russian, so its most likely good...just maybe not as effective as Russians state it is" You can state that about any country's jacked up army task About F-35: "It's US, so its probably ..just that is good ...

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  • "It's Russian, so its probably good...just not as good as Russians say it is"
  • You can say that about any nation's jacked up military project About F-35: "It's American, so its probably good...just not as good as Americans say it is" About Leopard 2A6: "It's German, so its probably good...just not as good as Germans say it is" About Hondas: "It's Japanese, so its probably good...just not as good as the Japanese say it is" About the Israeli Kinetic Rod Satellite: "Wait, when did the Jewish physicists make this?"
  • It's British, so its probably bad...just not as bad as the British say it is."
  • It's got a kettle in it, so it'll do.
  • Its North Korean, so it is probably fictional.
  • "It's Chinese, so it's probably not as good as the the thing they copied it from"
  • I'm sorry, but you're hardly an authoritative source.
  • It just came out so....we'll get the answer in twenty years or so.
  • It has a lot of firsts as far as i can tell, specifically concerning crew safety, target acquisition and tracking, and remote operation. Which will be the next big thing in the future.
  • Right, its the first "iteration" of the future tank. So those systems will improve as normal. Hopefully they made the tank without any large drawbacks (apart from cost ) All we can do is speculate.. :))
  • It is Russian, so probably not. I would not be surprised if most of its subsystems were pulled from the latest T-90. PS: All downvotes not accompanied by an appropriate comment will be interpreted as enthusiastically grudging upvotes.
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