Robin Olds: triple ace of WWII and Vietnam War, in his F-4, 1967 [1753 x 1800]

A moustache was grown by me once. Big thing that is bushy we could never get it to look as awesome as this person. It simply seemed like a mess that is jumbled of my nose. The moustache is had by this guy i imagined we'd have but ...

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  • I grew a moustache once. Big bushy thing but I could never get it to look as awesome as this guy. It just looked like a jumbled mess of under my nose. This guy has the moustache I imagined I'd have but could never attain.
  • Mine has only started looking decent recently (I'm 29 now), the middle wasn't filled in in my early 20s. It's ok but nothing like Olds'. I shaved my beard 3 weeks ago and I'm nowhere close to his.
  • Well you clearly need to be a triple ace of ww2 and Vietnam. Won't get the 'stache unless you put in the effort.
  • indeed, stache density scales by shooting down airplanes
  • If he can control a F4 then some upper lip hair is nothing for him.
  • I'm 27 and can't even grow facial hair evenly. So many spots that won't grow. No tacti beard or mustache for me.
  • Mine is still patchy on the cheeks in places. My mustache + goatee is pretty solid though. I'm lucky though, lot of my family can't muster as much, I suppose it's partly because of my Basque and Mexican lineage.
  • I've got too much Cherokee. No chest hair, crap facial hair. My grandfather couldn't even grow facial hair, at all.
  • Same here, my beard comes in so patchy a friend told me I look like a refugee from a chemotherapy ward.
  • you go girl!
  • I'm in my early 20s and the middle of my moustache isn't filled out and this gives me hope
  • Need more moustache wax. That's how he's trained his to sweep to the sides like that instead of looking like a Walrus. Source: Dad had a fly moustache like this when I was young. He waxed it every morning and combed it.
  • I knew I was doing something wrong
  • Beard wax is awesome. Keeps my beard looking moderately well kept.
  • He's actually an icon for the U.S. Air Force. Nowadays everyone follows strict regulations when it comes to facial hair because they care about their careers and hsit but this guy clearly gave no facks about what leadership or regs said. He's so badass, rules didn't apply to him. Pretty badass guy indeed.
  • He kept it until he came back home and the mf Chief of Staff told him to shave it off. That just seems so badass to me, that it took that level of authority to tell him to shave it.
  • How is he an icon exactly? Just generally looked up to?
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