Rare Photo of Delta Force on the day of the Battle of Mogadishu before they went out on the mission. [604 x 453]

Does not look want it to me. That is ass that is incredibly bad. Also I can't imagine how difficult it would be to snipe out of a facking that is moving that's gotta be like doing facking surgery ...

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  • Doesn't look like it to me.
  • That is incredibly bad ass. Also I can't imagine how difficult it would be to snipe out of a moving facking helicopter that's gotta be like doing facking surgery or some shit.
  • It's tough. I was in Iraq as a Blackhawk crewchief, doing some missions with the ODA guys. Granted, they're not Delta, but still pretty high up there. They had a hard time when we were on the range. A lot of it, we just played by ear, such as hanging a cargo strap across the cabin door opening so they could rest their rifles for shooting. They might have been badasses on the ground in Afghanistan (where this particular team was previously) but they couldn't hit hsit from a hovering helicopter. We developed an unspoken tactic where they would shoot the target, or more often near it, I'd see the dust, and obliterate that particular target with the 240. In general, they were good dudes to work with, and were a lot more relaxed about the regulations. One thing that kinda sucked though, one of them had this funky looking little grenade launcher (not an M79 but smaller, with a shorter barrel and a wire stock. Something Czech made I think they said) that he shot out the left side of the aircraft. Once. Because the effect the rotor wash had on the relatively slow moving, fatter and heavier grenade made it hook an immediate right and move slowly past my left side pilot's window before falling slowly to the ground. That particular pilot was probably the most calm under pressure guy I've ever known but he practically hsit himself. He tells them "Do NOT do that again". Thus ending any grenade fun.
  • Could have been the ?Zw-40, I was attached to an Czech para unit that had them in Afghanistan. It is an 40mm deal.
  • Why not just shoot the target first with the 240?
  • Because we had a whole lot of targets out there and I didn't know which one he was going for. We didn't have them on ICS because it would interfere with his shooting.
  • What ODA?
  • Operational Detachment-Alpha - 12 Man Special Forces squad. Edit - Link to wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_Forces_%28United_States_Army%29#ODA
  • I think he was meaning to ask which ODA OP was working with.
  • Damn! I think you're right.
  • They're an "A Team". Betcha didn't know that was a real thing, huh? Operational Detachment Alpha. I know they were Army, but I don't know where they fit in with the grand scheme. Edit: Unless you were asking which team. To that, I'd tell you I don't know. On one hand I genuinely don't because we didn't go that in-depth with them on things and we didn't really want to ask, on the other hand, even if I DID know, I wouldn't tell you because it wouldn't really feel right. I'm out of the Army now, but I don't know if it's a thing I should tell the finer details about. On another note, I just found out what they actually were. Army Special Forces. "Green Berets".
  • Delta is SFOD-D...I was asking what "ODA" you were with.
  • Looks like you know a lot more than me about them. I didn't belong to them. I was just some random mook in an aviation company. But we were the only ones around them. Well, there was another, but they just wanted to breeze through their deployment, not do any tough missions, and do their rounds at the palace in Mosul, lifting VIPs. I had an absolute blast working with the guys, and as a young soldier, working with them and even hanging out with them was a great time.
  • Don't they have to fly 30m before even becoming armed?
  • That is probably the case, but if you're moving forward and the grenade is moving almost parallel to you, being armed comes up real quick.
  • I figured that the grenade fuse was set on a timer, knowing the muzzle velocity of the projectile, meaning that if you caught it in mid air, you could wait and it would arm. Seems like that would be more mechanically simple.
  • No, it's done by rotation. It has to turn so many times before its armed; since the rotation can be easily calculated they are set up to arm after they fly 30 meters.
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