Parked next to us on the ramp at KMEM

Shots fired! Or perhaps not, in this case. Fat people, the normal operators of the hook... woah woah woah woah... we choose "big boned" or "national guard", many thanks. and for the record, ...

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  • Shots fired! Or not, in this case.
  • Fat people, the natural operators of the hook...
  • woah woah woah woah... we prefer "big boned" or "national guard", thank you. and for the record, we're only this way because we're too busy flying our aircraft to work out... if I had the down time of an apache pilot? I'd be an Olympic athlete.
  • I've never understood this trope. If I start up an aircraft and the avionics have crapped the bed, I don't go home and watch Firebirds . I call maintenance, get the keys to the spare, and go fly. It's not like a unit is going to try to launch 24 aircraft at once every day. I'll preflight as many aircraft as it takes to get up in the sky, because a) flight time is the right time, and b) that barbecue place 110 NM to the west isn't going to pick itself up and come to me.
  • In simulators. 🙂
  • Sploosh.
  • Awesome!
  • Just when you think you're being cool in the R44 this guy shows up. ?_?
  • You have better mpg.
  • ???
  • That is a good pic of them either stopping while ground taxiing, or initiating ground taxi. Awesome!
  • Initiating hover taxi for parallel taxiway departure.
  • Were they really going to hover taxi? Normally, and especially at civilian airfields they should try to ground taxi to reduce downwash that could be damaging to civil A/C near them.
  • They really did hover taxi. We were at the opposite side of the ramp from the other civil aircraft. Safe distance from rotor wash.
  • Thats cool, as long as the light civil A/C were a safe distance. When we went from Cobra's to Apache's with wheels, I used to ground taxi around our holding area waiting to be called to the battle position. The Col. would get on the radio and ask me what the fack I was doing.. I told him we had the heaviest three wheeled ATV in the world. If I got stuck "driving" all I needed was a little more power. Fun Times.
  • Probably from Tupelo.
  • Does the Tupelo Guard unit have many attack choppers?
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