Orange County Sheriff deputies detain a protester at the Trump rally in Anaheim [2695x1797]

I've stated this before, and I have blasted by my other Democrats over at r/democrats .....but We really think that the protestors that are anti-Trump worst compared to the Trump supporters. I honestly think ...

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  • I've said this before, and I get blasted by my fellow Democrats over at r/democrats .....but I seriously believe that the anti-Trump protestors are worst than the Trump supporters. I honestly believe that.
  • I've been to a few protests (and even organized a small one jn cedar rapids during the iowa caucus) and I would say I half way agree. Both sides get so upset and vitriolic. I'd say Trumps supporters during these protests act the most hateful but the Bernie Bros protesting usually get the most hyped up. I still protest but I hang near the back now to get a sense of sanity. (I dont understand the downvotes. Is my comment bad content or do you guys just use it as a disagree button?)
  • You got downvoted because you don't seem to understand that you are part of the problem. You go to rallies to protest the idea of Trump. You act hateful with your justification being that Trump is hateful. Did Bernie start bashing people with bags of rocks at MLKJ marches? No, because they were marches and were mostly peaceful. You go to riot against him and his supporters, you pick targets
  • Read about the 2 protests in cedar rapids i organized. Both were peaceful. One was even hailed as being "Iowa nice" in spite of it being a protest. Mine are non violent and peaceful.
  • I have the best protests
  • Far from best. Just not like youve accused me.
  • There are not many "violent" demonstrations in the States, right? Clashes between police and protesters are rather rare, aren't they? To me, as a European, the police riot gear looks different to ours. Is there stuff like water guns and riot shields?
  • Shields, yes, but it depends on the agency and the situation. Water cannons aren't used much in the US any more. Protests during the civil rights era - and especially stretching back past that to the post-Civil War reconstruction and enforcement of Jim Crow laws - left a pretty bad memory of dogs and water cannons in riot control. And no, there really aren't that many violent clashes. Small scale scuffles during protest arrests, sure, and a few that saw shooting and fires set by rioters. Seattle area has a larger anarchist movement for example, so they have bigger problems.
  • Cant really comment on the frequency, but in my medium sized town its been decades since we had any real violent unrest. And there's definitely riot shields, not sure why these guys dont have any. Water cannons are used as well as painful noisemakers (LRADs).
  • As much as the media likes to depict otherwise, no, violence doesn't happen a lot in protests, no matter the political bent or social unrest. Occasionally there is some big, blowout riot that evolves from a protest, but they are surprisingly rare for a nation with hundreds of millions of people.
  • Looks like he got clowned
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