Old Norwegian army standard issue gear at the left, and new standard issue gear at the right. [960x528]

Very Nearly. You are able to barely notice it a bit that is little. They did a job that is really good the winter-camo of the one. God dammit I went back and seemed. Same. Zoomed in and every thing. ...

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  • Almost. You can barely see it a little bit. They did a really good job on the winter-camo of that one.
  • God dammit I went back and looked.
  • Same. Zoomed in and everything.
  • Thanks, that's the best laugh I've had all day.
  • Nah, his vehicle is made of leather and on his feet.
  • Nah it's just cloaked.
  • I have both the old and the new standard issue backpack and I can say 100% sure that the difference between the comfort of the two backpacks is like comparing the comfort of an 18'th century wooden horse wagon and a 2014 model Peugeot. The old "ludvig" backpack will kill your shoulders and lower-back when loaded with 20 kilos +. The new recon pack on the other hand is comfortable even when loaded with 30 kilo +.
  • As a backpacker, that new one looks infinitely better. Good frame, hip belts, the works.
  • Indeed. I've only tried the newest model of the recon pack though. The "Syncroflex" model. The one on the image is the older model, but I guess that one is comfortable too.
  • Much better than the Ludvik looks at any rate
  • We used the recon pack pictured in the picture, and it was amazing.
  • When I was in the US army we had something like the old version, and it had hip belts. However, we were not supposed to use them. It was supposedly so we could drop quickly upon coming under fire. It wasn't really allowed to be questioned. I always felt like they could get a lot more out of us on long movements if they allowed us to use them and taught a "quick disconnect" technique.
  • Having used both I agree. I'd burn some of the old gear if I could but dammit if I didn't love the AG3. Or hated it. Complicated.
  • Sometimes in the 1960's to 2009/2010 I think.
  • Yeah I was there until 2009, we had pretty much the old gear, except halfway through we got HK416s. But we rarely used the Ludvik, we had a smaller, better backpack that we used most of the time. I was dragooned into the HV (Home Guard) this year though and they just got rid of the Ludviks in favour of better stuff. Still the old combat vest and helmet until they switch fully to the HK416 though (which looks like it'll be a few years to me), because of magazine pouches and bureaucracy.
  • Why compare it to a Peugeot? (Makes me feel good as a 205 driver though :D)
  • Agreed, but marching for around 6 hours with a full backpack is tiresome, even with the new backpack, but there is a definitive improvement from the old one.
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