Oh hi there

For severe. What exactly is the written book beside the coco-cola advertisement ? Check emergency and list procedures. If anything happens We secure myself, secure cabin and crew, try to find a safe ...

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  • For serious.
  • What is the book beside the coco-cola advertisement ?
  • Check list and emergency procedures. If anything happens I secure myself, secure crew and cabin, look for a safe place to land, and back up the pilots with the check list.
  • That is cool thank you.
  • Y'all rocking Limas?
  • Lima and Alpha+
  • How do you like the A+? That's just the A with 701Cs?
  • They are meh, burns more gas than a regular A. Even if you have the upgrade cargo hook and the 701 you are still only limited to 8000 pounds unlike the L that can lift 9. Our Lima is the smoothest and fastest AC in the facility 😉
  • Haha! I know who you are. Neener neener. Good to see more folks from the house on Reddit. Or should I say, from ASF Clearwater/A Co.
  • Hmmm give me a hint ? Lol
  • We've got a couple Frankenhawks too, although one of our A+ is the fastest in our hangar because its super light.
  • What's with the silly mask?
  • protects your face when stuff goes flying around. It was actually designed to keep pilots from eating the cyclic in a hard landing, but in the 60 community, the crew gets first dibs on 'em.
  • Ah, I see.
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