Navy dogs [960x637]

No, it's flying the airplane. No, the center an individual's dog is Lamar. Fack off Oh god the one in the relative back first one on the right: "fackin Jeff's standing regarding the seat again, ...

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  • No, it's flying the plane.
  • No, the middle one's dog is Lamar.
  • fack off
  • Oh god the one in the back
  • First one on the right: "fackin Jeff's standing on the seat again, I just know it."
  • The one behind him is actively upset about it. "Goddamnit Jeff, sit down, we're trying to look professional, you are so not helping."
  • "If Jeff rides the drink cart down the isle again I will be so pissed!"
  • "Let's take a silly picture guys!"
  • God dam it who brought moon moon
  • I'm pretty sure that's Dug from Up.
  • I know him, you're dead on. He's a beloved ginger demon.
  • Dog on the right is plotting something diabolical.
  • Counters the derp dog at the back... If this was Police Academy derp dog would be Zed. Goddamit Bobcat. Edit: that being said, derp dog is cute
  • I'm curious, do they only pick one breed or do they have a list to choose from? Does the dogs have to be pure bred?
  • the police/military could care less if the dog is pure bred or not. the only thing that matters is if the dog is healthy and if it can do the work. i've met all kinds of crosses involving gsds, mals, and dutchies.
  • So you admit they do care at least a small amount?
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