Marine narrowly avoiding a shot [3456x2592]

Many people are speaking about not having a helmet but where is their god belt that is damn PT? This is the person who is actually in the military you mean not all the social people btiching about helmets ...

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  • Everyone is talking about not having a helmet but where is his god damn PT belt?
  • This is the person who is actually in the military
  • you mean not all the people btiching about helmets in what seems to be an OH fack OH fack firefight?
  • Read this and smiled. CSM in the making
  • At least his moostache is policed.
  • Oh you, Mr. Potato Head.
  • The moment this photo was taken ever CSM on the planet felt the need to yell at someone.
  • Pocket sand!
  • That made a very scary picture a very hilarious picture.
  • Pocket sand!
  • So why does this guy not have his gear on?
  • Then Sgt Bee (Alpha Co, 1stBn, 6thMar, 24MEU; Garmsir, Afghanistan). I was in said battalion. He simply didn't have time. Edit: 2008.
  • Who were you with?
  • Hide and Sleep.
  • I was in comm
  • Quick question. Do soldiers normally wear earplugs? I know if I go shoot coyotes with my .223 and don't wear plugs, after a few rounds my ears are ringing. So I would assume emptying a mag would be brutal. I realize people can say more important thing to deal with but if you make it out alive and your ears are ringing all night and all next day, you would have trouble hearing someone sneak up on you or someone yelling a command, no?
  • I'm sure if he had any other option he would because your right, it's loud as hell. On a side note you really should get hearing protection.
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