M-22 Locust next to T-28

Saw the DOOMTURTLE back when it absolutely was at Knox. It is ridiculously huge and looked like impractical but was nevertheless awesome in its 4 glory that is tracked. Where could it be now? We'd want to notice it. ...

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  • Saw the DOOMTURTLE back when it was at Knox. It is ridiculously huge and appeared to be impractical but was still awesome in its 4 tracked glory.
  • Where is it now? I'd love to see it.
  • My best guess, would be sitting somewhere in Ft Benning. When armor moved from Ft. Knox to Benning, all of the armor exhibits (Including a Panzer and King Tiger) got moved to Benning. The Armor and Cavalry Heritage Foundation is raising money for a museum ( http://www.armorcavalryheritagefoundation.org/ ) but I do not know how far along they are. EDIT: CONFIRMED. Doom Turtle is at the armor cav. ( https://www.facebook.com/National-Armor-and-Cavalry-Heritage-Foundation-223369957686684/?rc=p ) Check the photos section of their FB Page. EDIT 2: Some more info Here
  • Y'all dense motherfackers need to learn. American tanks DO NOT have hyphens in their names! Nobody ever called the Sherman the M-4. Nobody ever called the Pershing an M-26. Don't call the T28 a T-28! Hyphens are for single words broken into parts and Russian tanks.
  • Now you mentioned it, I thought the tanks were Russian made because of the hyphens. I got confused because I haven't heard of Russian M22 Locust.
  • I can call tanks whatever I want and there's nothing you can do about it. These two tanks, for example, are the Flower Squirter and the Kitten Bringer!
  • And to be EXACT, the T28's proper designation was the T28/95, as the true T28 was only a prototype, even if the whole project didn't go through.
  • Edgy
  • Nobody ever called the Sherman the M-4 you mean no american? Pretty sure many people outside the US called it M-4 at some point
  • People call it the M4, obviously. I think he means no one types it as M-4. Like typing "T3485".
  • The official designation is "Medium Tank, M4". Note the lack of hyphen. The differentiation is actually important beyond pedantry in some circumstances. T20 vs T-20, and T34 vs T-34 are just two examples.
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