Just landed! Officially a commercial pilot!

In all honesty, my dad paid for it. That is it. And i am meeting some guy about instrument training, not interested in CFI tomorrow. Haha. Do not think I do not understand I'm particular. I'm extremely endowed to ...

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  • To be honest, my dad paid for it. That's it. And I'm meeting a guy tomorrow about instrument training, not interested in CFI.
  • Haha. Don't think I don't know I'm picky. I feel very blessed to have had this opportunity.
  • That's awful. Are you a pilot now?
  • You can get student loans man. Heck if it's your dream...
  • I got a loan for my ppl. You can do the same for cpl. Obviously country dependent 🙂
  • You can get private student loans, and if there is a degree attached to your licences then you will have a much easier time getting said loans.
  • Congrats!
  • Congratuffinglations! 🙂
  • Well done my friend! I wish you the best of luck as a solo pilot!
  • Congrats! Doors off is the only way to go, unless its cold.
  • Congrats! Now the hard part, finding a job.
  • congrats! how was your check ride? what did you cover? (i'm about 2 weeks away from mine)
  • PM'd you
  • I'd like to know too
  • Wd!!
  • Wet dream?
  • Well done, but I'll take wet dream too 🙂
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