Just checking to see if I'd fit...

Keeping it interesting! All your photos are badass. I wish to be /u/iamkokonutz when I grow up. Well... Not if you should be in search of work as a pilot. Most readily useful to keep a diminished profile ...

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  • Always keeping it interesting!
  • All of your photos are badass. I want to be /u/iamkokonutz when I grow up.
  • Well... Not if you're looking for work as a pilot. Best to keep a lower profile 🙂
  • Looks like somewhere in WA state?
  • Close. BC. It's called the Pitt River Hotsprings. Heres a few years ago when we fit 3 machines on the bridge.
  • If it fits. I sits.
  • thats a saxy gps package... never seen it in an R44 before.
  • It's a Garmin Aera 560 above a factory Garmin unit. I wanna sell the whole thing and put a second com in the console. I think I'm going to add an iPad mini instead of the factory stuff.
  • Foreflight is awesome, but I'd still rock a 296 or get a GNS for backup.
  • I flew to the island, and handed my map to my backseat passenger to refold for me. He said, "why do you use your map so much?" I was confused, and he pointed at the 2 gps units right in front of me. Strange to say, but I barely look at them. I wanna get rid of that second com/gps on the bar over my legs. I feel that's a double leg breaker in a crash, and legs might be useful.
  • where is this in google maps?
  • Just on my phone. Google "Pitt River Hotsprings". It's in British Columbia if you need to narrow it down.
  • Pitt River Hotsprings thank you.
  • How would you know if you'd fit or not? Doesn't seem like an easy thing to judge.
  • I'm just kidding. Landed on a bar just to get the shot before I landed on the bridge. Was just wanting this actual shot before setting it down. I actually already know I'd fit, but there wouldn't be any point. I'm pretty sure there must be a CARs or FAA rule about flight under a structure? Gotta google. This is how I know there would be room though. Picture 2 shows it
  • Oh, cool! Yeah, obtaining my helicopter pilot license is a gol of mine. Also airplane pilot.
  • I'm thinking about getting my gliders license someday. I love flying in the mountains, and have a good sense of what the wind is doing, but I think flying gliders around BC would be the ultimate way to learn mountain winds. And, they just seem cool!
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