Jagdtiger production plant in Germany 1945.

I do believe 77 were produced. A couple dozen for the most part saw combat. Otto Carius (who SIMPLY passed away) commanded a detachment. Shame that their ability counted for extremely small when the ...

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  • I think 77 were produced.
  • Only a couple dozen at most saw combat.
  • Otto Carius (who JUST died) commanded a detachment.
  • Shame that his skill counted for very little when the crews he was commanding were poorly trained, leading to the losses of most of the vehicles.
  • A lot.
  • Then why was the Elefant the most effective tank destroyer in the war? These guys have a bigger gun and more armour, and they fill the same role.
  • Also less reliable. You're looking at an already underpowered chassis with more weight on it, built to 1945 standards.
  • It uses the same chassis as the Tiger B, which I can see being underpowered but at the same time looks like a completely new design incorporating the sloped armour idea. Was it underpowered too?
  • It was essentially a slightly lengthened Koenigstiger (Tiger II, Tiger B) chassis with the superstructure added in the middle. The extra length was for the crazy big breech of the 28cm gun.
  • You mean the 128 mm gun.
  • Lol my bad, you're right of course. Don't know where that came from.
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