Jagdpanther with Umbrellas, Western Front around 1944.

AND TACTICAL UMBRELLAS! Two Sherman one shot? HAHA I chuckled Most Likely. (I read a great deal , and rounds like that go clean through tanks like people that have regularity.) edit: ...

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  • Two Sherman one shot?
  • HAHA I chuckled
  • Probably. (I read a lot , and rounds like that go clean through tanks like those with regularity.) edit: or if 2 Shermans were very close to each other, and it completely detonated one enough to blow up the other one, which I read of happening versus T-34s with one of the German tank aces. Sometimes everything inside a tank would explode as one, leaving nothing but a flattened bottom plate, and maybe a few wheels and track bits.
  • How much have you read about explosives out of curiousity?
  • lots
  • then you understand that for the force necessary to do what your talking about one would need hundreds of pounds of explosives
  • They are tanks, clever fellow. When tanks fight in wars, they carry lots and lots of explodey stuff inside. So yeah hundreds of pounds. Shermans carried like 50-100 main gun rounds plus all the other crap that blows up. Learn all kinds of stuff in books.
  • I dont think you necessarily understand what I mean by hundreds of lbs of explosives. Explosions always follow the direction with which energy is most easily expended. What that means is that in a situation where the Ammunition cooks off the turret is blasted skyward at which point all of the necessary force is dissipated. So you would need hundred of pounds of explosive on top of the ammunition to force such a massive expansion of pressure that the tanks literally burst at the seams. Lastly tank armor is the thickest at the front and sides of the vehicle so even in such a situation you'd have different rates of failure because different densities of metal would resist higher pressures. The type of damage you are describing could only come from say large bore artillery or a heavy bomber and would be accompanied by a massive crater. Even car bombs usually leave large pieces of the vehicle. The type of damage your describing only happens in modern warfare by airstrike or when ISIS converts APC's to VBIED's. Just to show you what I mean with a vehicle with much larger ammunition and not hugely greater amounts of armor than late war German/Soviet tanks https://m.reddit.com/r/gifs/comments/2r6a8f/tanks_ammo_being_cooked_off_after_getting_hit_in/ Edit: I tink I reilly red a bot too in me rife. Edit 2: while your correct all sherman up to the M4a1 standard could carry between 50 and 90 only 60% of these shells were HE and those only carried 1.5lbs of tnt
  • Lastly since I don't want to just be difficult what your probably thinking of in terms of two tanks being taken out at once is a situation where the tanks aren't maintaining proper separation from each other in the field. When this happens the explosion and flying debris from tank 1 may have caused a mobility kill on tank 2 thru disabling a track, flipping the vehicle etc,etc
  • One of my favorite armored vehicles of the war.
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