IS-3 tank captured by Ukrainians near Donetsk, 2014

it could die. quickly. that thing would have trouble with rpg-7's let alone a battle tank that is modern. Yep. To compound what you are saying, it seems why these had been reactivated out of desperation ...

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  • it would die. quickly. that thing would have trouble with rpg-7's let alone a modern battle tank.
  • Yep. To compound what you're saying, it seems that these were reactivated out of desperation before the Russians started supplying armor. I mean, a shitty tank is better than no tank at all until the RPGs come out. It may not stop that but it'll do fine against barricades, spike strips, some grenades, and 7.62x39.
  • I also imagine if you could find ammunition for it, it would do find as direct fire artillery and help knock down walls or road blocks. It would be useless in any anti vehicle combat.
  • an ancient infantry carrier is better than no infantry carrier
  • which again is not anti vehicle combat. Also I can't imagine spare parts are easy to find for that thing these days. useful as direct artillery fire if you find amunition that's about it.
  • These parts would be basic by today's standards. I would imagine it would be easy to machine new parts using available information.
  • ANY? I bet you'd put a nice size hole in a UAZ or unarmored Hummer with one.
  • If you could hit anything with late 40s vintage fire control and no vehicle specific training.
  • Also modern MBT don't actually have much more side armour than their WW2 ancestors especially without a substantial skirt added on.
  • If we talk about conflicts like in Ukraine, any Ukrainian or Russian armour will come with reactive armour side skirts. But if we talk about lightly armoured vehicles like light IFVs or any kind of jeep or truck, an IS-3 won't have a problem destroying it if the rebels even get any ammunition for it and understand how to use it. Against buildings and barricades it will be effective just as long they find ammunition and there are no RPGs on the other side.
  • Ukrainian tanks usually only have Kontakt-1 , a 30 year old ERA design, which doesn't do much of anything against KE rounds.
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