Iraqi Shia volunteer fighting against Isis [611x960]

We knew he'd keep coming back to conserve us. Guaranteed success! Ah now I have why dozens of social people have "he is risen" bumper stickers; how did they understand? CREAMMMMM OF THE CROP-PAH! ...

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  • I knew he'd come back to save us.
  • Guaranteed victory!
  • Ah now I get why all those people have "he is risen" bumper stickers; how did they know?
  • Greatest wrestling interview ever. He just kept pulling out those damn creamers from who knows where. OOOOOOOHH YEEEEAAAAAHH!
  • My time to shine. RIP Macho Man.
  • The fact that interviewer isn't laughing shows what a true professional he is. I would have died if I saw him put the cream on his head in person.
  • Ooooh yeeeeeeeeeah!
  • The rivers will run red with the blood of ISIS!
  • That was so awesome I just said it out loud in Macho Man's voice.
  • When I'm constipated I sound like macho man Randy savage. Ooooh yeeeeeeeeeah! plop
  • Ooooh yeeeeeeeeeah!
  • I'm the CREAM OF THE CROP!
  • When the ma-cho-maaan raaaaaandy savage gets his hands on ISIS... oooooh, it's goooonna be brutal. COMIN TA GETCHA! YEAH!
  • Goddammit I miss macho man randy savage.
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