IAF Su-30MKI and RAF Eurofighter Typhoon Size Comparison [1200x840]

It simply dawns on me how deadly and cute the eurofighter and the gripen are. Add the Rafale and a trio is got by you of delta-wing deadliness 😉 popular, in a dogfight involving the two ... ...

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  • It just dawns on me how cute and deadly the eurofighter and the gripen are.
  • add the Rafale and you get a trio of delta-wing deadliness 😉
  • Common, in a dogfight between the two ... which would you want to be in?
  • Hard to say. My two cents go to the Typhoons lower wing loading (and therefore presumably better energy conservation in tight turns) and more advanced fbw. Also, because of its size, the Sukhoi should be harder to miss. Both are supposed to be phenomenal in close combat and the last things you want to see on your six.
  • advanced fbw Flight By Wire? Care to explain how you get more advanced FBW and how that would affect the aircraft flight?
  • I was thinking about this: http://www.eurofighter.com/news-and-events/2005/06/carefree-handling Sukhoi doesn't have that (I think) and I assume it's an advantage in dogfight for the Typhoon
  • Cool, this stood out for me Second, because pilots do not need to worry about flying within the limits, they can devote 100% of their attention to opponents, rather than monitoring aircraft parameters. I wonder how many times someone has ripped a wing off or just broken a plane going outside it's safe operating parameters, (excluding hitting the ground ofc).
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