IAF Jaguar With Two Magics

I happened to be actually confused for a brief moment still am The actual only real two jets I am able to consider with over-wing hardpoints are the Jaguar and the English Electrical Lightning , (Pic) . Both British jets ...

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  • I was really confused for a moment
  • Still am
  • The only two jets I can think of with over-wing hardpoints are the Jaguar and the English Electric Lightning , (Pic) . Both British jets (well Jaguar had other European participants). I guess it is neat from a space utilization point of view. The Lightning is definitely a unique airplane with its wing sweep geometry, over-under dual engine configuration, and the over-wing hardpoints.
  • You would think it would be a huge lift penalty for hard points top of wing. They'd create form drag which will cause vertices but how do those vertices interact with the slipstream when they are top of wing?
  • Is IAF Indian Air Force or the Israeli Air Force?
  • Colours would indicate Indian Air Force.
  • Indian Air Force in this case
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