Houston based Homeland Security Investigations' Special Response Team during Training [1920 x 1080]

Which local swat group is comparable to HRT? HRT is mainly comprised of former special ops...the remainder of people having a background that is tactical. Their funding is off the charts. Many larger ...

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  • Which local swat team is comparable to HRT? HRT is mostly made up of former special ops...the remainder of people having a tactical background. Their funding is off the charts.
  • Many larger agencies with a full-time SWAT team (LAPD) MAY be comparable to HRT in many respects including tactics. Funding, training facility, and aircraft resources notwithstanding. Pretty much any swat team in the country is comparable in terms of tactics. The way a US Army NG infantry squad clears a room is tactically comparable to the way Delta does. Delta, however, is going to be exponentially better at it. LAPD and HRT do training together, their tactics are comparable. HRT is selection process, funding for training, funding for operations, equipment and basically anything else is clearly better than LAPD SWAT. They aren't MOSTLY SOF. Sure, SOF is well-represented, but that does not assign any immediate qualification or eliteness to the unit as a whole anyway. HRT directly recruits tier one operators and other SOF personnel. The other people have experience on FBI SWAT or with tactical teams like the LAPD. HRT literally sends their people to us military schools like Scout Sniper and BUDS. Their selection process is modeled off of Delta, who helped set up the whole program. The whole reason they exist is to be a Delta Force/Team 6 that can operate in the domestic law enforcement realm. FBI HRT and LAPD are tier one and the best in LE no doubt I would say LAPD is tier 2. HRT and arguably BORTAC being tier 1. but your local full-time guys can handle their own and are actually seeing more action than HRT. Based on what metric, serving no knock warrants on domestic abuse assholes/grow ops? Meanwhile, HRT has been deploying alongside US SOF and CIA SOG in Panama, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq and pretty much anywhere else US SOF operates.
  • Pretty sure HRT isn't just some federal tactical team
  • I have military and law enforcement experience...I wasn't SOF, but, I was assigned to the same organization overseas...so was fortunate to do a work up with them. Worked with former members in the contracting world. My point is that they are not some federal tactical team...FBI SWAT is comparable to the LAPD SWAT. LAPD is arguably better than them. FBI HRT was literally created to fill a void that Delta/Team Six can't fill with regard to domestic law enforcement. HRT is comparable to LAPD SWAT the same way Delta or Team 6 is. The basic philosophy of approach, clearing ect is the same. It is the same for your local national guard unit or part time county swat team. The difference is in training standards, experience and equipment. If ISIS was about to behead me for some video, I'd much rather have HRT kicking in the door than LAPD. Not to discredit the LAPD, but, HRT is on its own level...Which, again, is the whole reason they exist...As opposed to just having local FBI SWAT teams.
  • You said that some local swat teams are on par with HRT...By any relevant standard I can think of, this statement is categorically false. Some local swat teams are on par or better than (insert federal agency part-time swat team). As I have said, HRT serves a different role. What you said, IMO, would be like saying your local national guard unit is on par with Delta Force. Yea, there are some similarities...But, they are on two different levels. I think you were comparing apples and oranges.
  • Somewhere in the middle between those two points. Probably leaning a bit closer to FBI HRT. Most federal agencies in bigger cities will have some type of Special Response Team (think SWAT for feds)
  • FBI HRT is comparable to Tier 1 SOF units. Their backgrounds, training and equipment is best of the best. These guys would be comparable large city swat team. I would say they are closer to your local swat team, based more on how awesome HRT is.
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