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The police that is german around 1 or 2 guys a year. The media makes a deal that is big of it each time they have actually to shoot. It will take a complete lot for an officer to pull their gun. Really there have been 8 dead ...

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  • The German police kills around 1 or 2 guys a year. The media makes a big deal out of it whenever they have to shoot. It takes a lot for an officer to pull their gun.
  • Actually there were 8 dead by police bullets. That is still incredibly low. Even for us germans. But the overall use of our firearm is rising. And the other thing is, we cant compare Germany to the US in regards to use of deadly force for LEO's. We dont have nearly as much weapons here in Germany, nor do we have gangs that big and so on. Source:
  • Isn't the population also rising? What about use of firearms per 1000 citizens over the years?
  • I know. Wish the US was that way.
  • Lotta cops would be killed if they didn't fight for their life.
  • I understand that too. I meant more that I wish we as a culture resorted to violence less. Not saying that Germans are nonviolent, just that it's less prevalent over there.
  • They kinda got a Super Soldiers besides regular grunts kinda look going on here, theyre so big and badass than the regular officer there.
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