Got to work on this old ship today.

Gets utilized daily nevertheless. Usually for cyclic and rigging that is collective now, but I had to remove and inspect an actuator. That's a educational school!? With a 76!?!? Yup, it absolutely was donated year that is last. ...

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  • Gets used daily still. Usually for cyclic and collective rigging only now, but I had to remove and inspect an actuator.
  • That's a school!? With a 76!?!?
  • Yup, it was donated last year. There are some grads are at the top of companies like Bell and Sikorsky.
  • Well shit....must be nice to go to a fancy school. Hahah I regret mine....but oh well
  • Nobody has really done any work on it yet. They gotta find projects that can be done in a 4 hour period.
  • Man, I always loved the look of that machine, it just ages really well IMO.
  • Military OH-58 Kiowa?
  • The A/C model
  • I loved flying that thing in BWS, some of the most fun I've ever had in an aircraft.
  • Nice, i worked on the OH-58D. Looks like you are trouble shooting hydraulic or flight controls. FUN FUN!!!
  • Basically just taking off the cyclic servo nearest me and doing a quick inspection. Then re-install and leak check.
  • awesome! i dropped one of those small bearing, that secure it to the mounting bracket, down what we called "the broom closet", where the flight controls go all the way down, luckily its magnetic and it fell close enough i didnt have to take anything apart. So yea good luck not doing what i did.
  • Oh yes, the mixing pot. I make sure I have a good grip on anything when in close proximity.
  • Today I actually had to pull the control rods on it then re rig the whole thing.
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