French special forces [1054x655](Xpost /r/military)

Or the whole story on France in WWZ I loved that one. I heard the book that is audio great too, We think Mark Hamill did the Yonkers man. It had plenty content that is amazing such a tiny ...

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  • Or the story on France in WWZ
  • I loved that one.
  • I heard the audio book was great too, I think Mark Hamill did the Yonkers guy.
  • It had so much amazing content in such a small book, you can really see all the thought he put into it and how much of his own fear of zombies made it into the book. I was really disappointed at how the movie turned out, and Pitts position on the change butchering. 🙁
  • So Metro I think I hsit bullet money.
  • My exact thoughts
  • Directed by Terry Gilliam?
  • I thought the sand people always walked single file?
  • Some Sam Fisher hsit right here.
  • I was thinking "Sand People" (AKA Tusken Raiders)
  • "Welcome to the Zone, S.T.A.L.K.E.R"
  • I just had a flashback to finding the really nice armor (Merc suit?) at the beginning of the first one ... thankya 🙂
  • That depressing moment when you kill a guy in an exo-suit and you can't take it from him...
  • Why does the one on the right have different goggles?
  • He's an owl, the others are 3-eyed monsters
  • Combine Overwatch
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