First Dutch F-35

How many did they purchase? Original plans for 85, now 37. Wow that is a cut that is considerable didn't save hardly any money through the initial order though. It's par for ...

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  • How many did they order?
  • Original plans for 85, now 37.
  • Wow that is a considerable cut
  • Probably didn't save any money from the original order though.
  • It's par for the course when they're over budget and late
  • I was really surprised to find out Lockheed bought the design for the F35 from Yak. It was originally the Yak 41.
  • No. The YAK 41 is a completely different design. Only thing that makes it similar is VTOL ability.
  • Considering LockMart and Yak held a partnership through the 1980s and even paid to have the Yak fly at the Paris air show, I would surmise "no" is not an accurate answer,
  • Convair (now part of Lockheed Martin) tested an engine with the 3-bearing swivel nozzle almost 20 years before Yak. When Yak unveiled that they were working on a STOVL fighter, Lockheed took advantage to pay Yak and help out a bit in exchange for flight test data on how the 3BSN worked on a full-scale aircraft:
  • That doesn't at all mean that "Lockheed bought the design for the F35 from Yak"; it suggests that there's likely to be elements of the design of the F-35 that grew out of Yak-41 development, but that's not at all the same thing.
  • Some Yakolev research was used for the development of the VTOL ability of the F-35B, but that has nothing to do with the F-35A in the picture, anyway.
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