FBI's Hostage Rescue Team in Boston, 2013 [1200x764]

Yes. probably the field workplace SWAT group, maybe not HRT Given their gear (many of which is apparently from Crye accuracy) in addition to information from reverse image researching, this business are ...

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  • Yes.
  • probably the field office SWAT team, not HRT
  • Given their gear (most of which seems to be from Crye Precision) as well as information from reverse image searching, these guys are HRT. They were present in Massachusetts after all.
  • They are HRT, HRT uses Airframes and CPCs the others don't.
  • Those Airframes are sick.
  • Could be worse. They could be BorTac.
  • I'll give the HRT a "pass" for wearing tacticool equipment given that they're better trained than most of the SWAT teams in the country (they do train with Delta after all). Besides, at least they know how to mount their optics correctly. Unlike one particular officer:
  • The camo is unsettling but still a good shot
  • Hmm? Why is the Multicam unsettling? They get most of their gear from Crye Precision so there's no reason for them not to don that camouflage. I'm more unsettled by the amount of MRAPs being sold to police departments.
  • For me, it's the fact that they're not soldiers but they're indistinguishable from them
  • They're indistinguishable if you don't know how to read.
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