FBI HRT conducting CQB drills (x-post r/militaryporn) [1484x1009]

Usually the one regarding the relative side is a flashlight, the one on top is an AN/PEQ-15 . It provides a laser that is visible, an IR laser dot, an IR flood light, if i recall precisely, both lasers have the choice of strobing. ...

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  • The one on the side is a flashlight, the one on top is an AN/PEQ-15 . It provides a visible laser dot, an IR laser dot, an IR flood light, and if I remember correctly, both lasers have the option of strobing. There's also covers for the lenses so that the lasers display a certain pattern - A crosshair, for instance - on their target. They're very useful at night or during blackout operations with NVGs.
  • I found the original post over on militaryporn and they said it was an GPNVG-18, which offers higher field of view than a bino/monocular NVG As seen here: https://tnvc.com/shop/images/80727/GPNVG18_10.jpg/
  • You are all talking about widely different things. None of them being related to optics
  • Feel free to correct us, then.
  • Optics refer to the sights on the gun. In this case somekind of eotech. I didn't realize you answered your own question, I thought a third person had joined the confusion. The correct term you are looking for is night vision goggles or simply goggles. I'm sorry if I seemed like a dick in my previous post 🙂 Have a nice holiday
  • Night vision goggles are absolutely optics. They aren't gun optics, but that isn't what he said either.
  • Well you never refer to goggles as optics. Either way he found what he was looking for.
  • My mistake, I thought you were referring to the attachments near the muzzle of the weapon. But yes, those do appear to be the GPNVG-18. Those are some crazy cool pieces of equipment.
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive did a good job making these guys look legit.
  • Are they rockin' those Crye P's?
  • I believe they are. Hell, they're even wearing Airframes.
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